Who Are We ?

Metta International Pvt. Ltd. is a leading gateway to the international human resource in Nepal, which was established in 2004. The company was established to meet the growing demand for Nepalese workforce abroad to alleviate growing unemployment in the country. Metta International Pvt. Ltd. is to assist to get ahead start in sourcing need through its human resource development experts.

Metta International Pvt. Ltd’s intent is to supply the most reliable and competent work-force and at the same time safeguard the interest of employer and employee. We export a wide range of competent manpower, they may be semi-skilled or highly skilled professionals based on the necessity of our valued clients. Thus, the company functions as a bridge between Nepal and Manpower importing nations around the world.

Metta International Pvt. Ltd. has become a trusted name to reckon within outbound recruitment over the years. The company believes in competency blended with quality. It has an excellent professional teams to provide high quality services to both employees and employers, striving to meet internationally accepted excellence benchmarks.

Our Vision & Mission

It is our vision to be recognized and respected as the leading recruitment partner worldwide. We strive to provide every client and candidate with excellent tailor made services and to exceed their expectations.

  • To practice high standards of efficiency in every project we undertake.
  • To help our candidates and upgrade the lives of our fellow Nepalese.
  • For our clients, we seek out those candidates who have the potential to become an asset in the growth of an organization.

Our objective

Main objective, the company is to see and legally provide employment opportunities to various categories of labour force and professional personnel to overseas countries. METTA INTERNATIONAL Pvt. Ltd makes all efforts to keep in touch with workers sent abroad for employment until their return home or in most case transfer to other countries as well.

This company also, ensures the workers will be adequately immunized and in case of serious injuries or death the workers or their families are compensated through insurance companies.

This company looks towards cooperation for the supply of Nepalese manpower force to your country. This would definitely strengthen the friendship between our two nations and support our national development scheme.